The Process:

1. Enter claims as performed in the office, nursing home or hospital.

2. Transmit claims electronically with confirmations of receipt from the insurance company within 24-48 hours of transmission.

3. Post all insurance and patient payments. All insurance and patient payments will be sent directly to your office. Upon receipt, your office will forward a copy of the EOB either by toll-free fax or by mail. We will post to the appropriate accounts based on that EOB information received from your office.

4. Balance bill patients. We send out patient statements on a regular basis for any balances as specified on the insurance EOB. We send out these statements up to a total of three times. If after the third statement is sent and still no response, we would notify your office to find out how you would like to proceed.

5. Monthly Financial Reports. We provide a variety of different monthly reports ranging from a Charges/Payments/Adjustments Report to Aging Report. We can even provide a more detailed report by breakdown of physician charges, number of patients seen in a given month by doctor or nurse, reimbursement of a specific code by insurance. Each office is different so we accommodate each office’s needs.

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